Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Good Morning

Tina fiddles with her keys to open her apartment door from a night working in the call canter, she finally finds the right one. Dropping her bag she hurries to the bedroom. There under her sheets she finds her boyfriend Clark still sleeping in bed, half naked with only a pair of boxers on. With each step into the bedroom Tina drops a piece of her clothing, each step bringing her closer to Clark slowly she moves towards the bed. A blouse there, a skirt here, her bra flung to the floor, her black T-back panties on the bed post. Until she stands fully naked, her breast firm, her figure tight. Priding her self on making always the first move she eases herself unto Clark... Unsuspecting and still half asleep, Tina nudges Clark over to his back. With a gentle kiss she her lips glide on Clark's bare chest. A brief moan escapes his lips as she slowly lowers her head to his now hardening dick. With expert hands she removes his boxers revealing a wanting pole ready for some lubricating!

Her lips kiss Clark's tip her tongue circles his shaft. Moving her head up and down each stroke taking him all the way inside her mouth. Clark grabs Tina's hair ravishingly as mounds of pleasure takes him away. Dripping with his juices. Tina give Clark a naughty smile. She moves on top of him and gently slides his rock hard dick into her wet pussy. she slides into him with ease, her warmth totally embraces each inch of his being. Her hands find his chest and his hands cup her soft breast. she grinds her hips into his pole, rocking back and forth, up and down, slowly grinding sideways, around and around. Faster and faster till a wild feeling filled with electricity fills every pore of there being. Filling her up with hot white warmth.

As they collapse into bed and share a long kiss and a smile. Good morning Clark!

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