Tuesday, November 23, 2010

If i was there....

if i was there right now... I would be kiing you softly, my lips barely touching your skin. my warm breath tingling you as i move along... I start with your ears... liking you slowly... then moving my self down our lips met and our tongues touch. bolts of electricity shimmering between us. As we both embrace each other in a tight embrace. My hand supporting your back... my other gently pulling your hair... our kiss last a moment after, our bodies heat up and our minds go blank... you can feel me getting hard... poking your waist as your body grinds to my every movement... i can smell your juices flowing, your heart beating faster and your breath even deeper... slowly my hand cups your soft perky breast... removing your top... i lick your now erect nipples. Playing with one... my tongue and my lips go around in sucking and licking one after the other... I hear your moans, and it drives me to please you more... we gently lie down on your bed... i remove my pants, while you remove your panties! My lips meat yours, slowly, i move down... from your breast to your ribs... lower to your navel... until finally i give you a kiss on your inner thigh! first the left... then the right... making you beg to be licked just right there! Your hands grab my head, guiding me in the best possible direction. I give lick your juicy cunt! warm, hot and wet... your lower lips craves for my touch. You moan with delight as i rim the tip of my tongue around your clit! Sucking hard and fast... your mind goes blank as your body reaches its peek! till i only hear you pleading not to stop and go faster! your grip on me becomes tighter, your hips trusted to my face! Moaning with pleasure as each wave of pleasure hits you! craving for more!

to be continued....

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